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Transform your vision into action with Impact Merch Shops. Our platform elevates your ability to make a significant difference through custom merchandise.

We seamlessly blend design, production, and delivery, freeing you to amplify your message. Each item from our collection isn't just a product; it's a powerful tool to expand your reach and deepen your impact.

With custom merch, you're not only embracing your cause but also multiplying its influence. Explore how our merchandise can become a cornerstone of your strategy for greater impact.

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We're committed to making each shirt a symbol of hope, solidarity, and action. Our merchandise serves as a canvas for your message.
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Create your own merch shop and raise funds for your cause with every sale.


Eliminate the frustration of stock and sales.  You focus on growing your organization.


We print and fulfill all orders for you as they come in. No minimums or wait!


Create your own merch shop today without spending a cent. No overhead or risk of losing money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Get A Custom Store On The Free Plan?

Yes, every plan has a custom store to match your brand and design of your website. Upload your logo and designs directly on the dashboard. 

How Does Commission Work?

Commission is your way to raise funds for your organization. Each sale can earn a commission. The commission is saved on your account until you withdraw. You can withdraw your funds at any time through Stripe, Paypal, Check, or Gift Card. Plus NO FEES!

Who Handles Taxes? 

We do! Because your organization never handles a transaction, all payment and processing goes through Impact Merch. We handle taxes no matter where you are located in the United States or Canada.

Do You ship outside the US?

Yes, we are also shipping to Canada. If you are interested in setting up a shop in another country just let us know! 

Do You Offer Design Help?

Yes, we can create your designs for you! If your logo needs a background removed or a higher resolution version, we will help you out! Anything more than a quick fix will require you to pay for design support fix or design creation starting at $99.
Click here to get started on your design request.

Can I Track Orders

Yes, we offer tracking for every store. Every order is updated from the start of fulfillment to shipped. You can see the status of every order made through your store, who purchased an item and what they purchased.

What's the catch? This seems too good to be true!

Glad it sounds too good to be true! But it’s not. No catch, no hidden fees. We are built specifically to enable non-profits and others to have a virtual store at little to no cost!

Does our store get a discount on samples?

Yes, we offer discounts on your first round of samples, items to display for your store, and even on bulk orders. Just ask and we will set you up with a discount. 

Does it cost extra to print Multiple colors and sides?

You can print as many colors on your apparel at no extra cost. We use a printing method called Direct To Garment (DTG) that allows for us to print one items in multiple colors. Printing more than one side has a cost increase of $5.50.

Are There Any Fees or additional charges?

Absolutely not! With Impact Merch, the only expense you'll encounter is the cost of our paid subscriptions. For those buying products, taxes may apply where necessary. But rest assured, there are no withdrawal fees, yearly fees, or setup fees. Enjoy a straightforward, hassle-free experience!
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