Impact Merchandising begins with Mike Howard, a long-time music fan and avid record/movie/toy collector. Mike started the company in 1993 as an off-shoot to his record store, Drastic Plastic. Drastic Plastic has specialized in independent and imported music since 1982. Both businesses are located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Impact opened with five employees and a catalog of punk, ska, and industrial bands. Since then, we’ve included merchandise for many of the highly influential musicians and films we revere.

In 2009 Impact added a new division, Drastic Plastic Records, to re-release out-of-print and difficult-to-find vinyl for audiophile fans of punk, post-punk, and alternative music.

Impact remains a fan-based business. We are a strong team of 30 creative, music-loving, hard-working individuals. All art, printing, and order fulfillment are still done in-house in Omaha to uphold high quality and excellent customer service. Impact sees the record store, record label, and licensed merchandising company as a means to offer quality product to fellow fans.

Our Services

Retail Sales & Distribution

In addition to our website, Impact T-shirts can be purchased at a wide range of retail stores. Our shirts are featured at select independent shops, mall and department stores, major retail chains, mail order catalogs, web stores, and even fan conventions.



Impact welcomes orders from wholesale customers of all sizes. A minimum order of $100 open stock makes it easy to introduce our shirts and accessories to your customers. Contact us to set up an account and acquire a wholesale password. Our customer service staff can assist you with catalogs, sales information, and answer all of your questions.


E-Commerce & Web Stores

Impact has the capability to handle all aspects of web fulfillment for band web stores. We develop custom web stores that are compatible with a multitude of operating systems and platforms. Our web stores work seamlessly with your own site to ensure fans have full access to your products online, whether they be shirts, CDs, LPs, or even digital downloads. We also inventory, insure, account for, and ship all products in-house at Impact.

Tour Merchandising

Impact designs, produces, and supplies merchandise as well as handles the intricate worldwide logistics of selling on the road. This includes forecasting quantities, dealing with customs, drop shipping, and more. Continual communication with tour crew and management allows us to determine the most cost effective way to provide merchandise without compromising the quality. We also offer on-site vendors to coordinate sales, handle cash, track inventory, and provide end of day/tour accounting.

Design & Production

All graphic design, printing, production, and order fulfillment are done under one roof at Impact. We can take a design idea every step from creating the image, to shipping out the door. Keeping all creativity and resources in-house means we can monitor the quality of your product all the way through development.

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